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Singer ESP2 Steam Press
Singer ESP2 Electronic Steam Press

Singer ESP2 Electronic Steam Press

Manufacturer: Singer
Manufacturer Part Number: SINGERESP2IRONPRESS
Singer ESP2 Electronic Steam Press (Brand New version of the Singer CSP-1 & MSP-7)

Singer ESP2 Electronic Steam Press Product Details
The ESP-2s streamline design can be operated with one hand, reducing the strain commonly associated with ironing. The Singer ESP2 press can be placed on a table so the operator can be comfortably seated while using the press. Pressing will not distort the fabric grain or stretch fabrics the way ironing does, allowing you to take better care of your fabric and reduce the shine commonly caused by ironing. Using the Singer ESP2 will also improve quilt-piecing accuracy: pressing helps eliminate the possibility of distorting the fabric, making for more exact piecing than ironing. When working on projects that require fusing, your results are more precise when using a press.

25 x 10 (63cm x 26cm) Pressing Area
Since the ESP-2s pressing surface is almost 14 times larger than a conventional iron, the time required to press greatly reduced. In a fraction of the time, large fabric surfaces such as table linens and draperies can have a professional-looking press.

100 Pounds of Pressure
Use mere fingertip force to lower the handle and 100 pounds of pressure is exerted. The ESP2 effortlessly places creases and pleats even in fabrics that tend to resist creasing, such as denim. With 100 pounds of pressure it is easy to remove stubborn wrinkles or press several layers at one time.

Electronically Pumped Variable Steam
Steam helps eliminate wrinkles and set creases. The ESP-2s steam is pumped electrically from the 300ml water tank to give a true burst of steam, not just a squirt. The steam openings cover the entire pressing area, ensuring that the total pressing area receives the benefits of steam.

No-Steam Option
The press can operate as a dry press, which is ideal for delicate fabrics.

Power and Temperature-Ready Indicator
The power and temperature-ready indicators take the guess work out of knowing the press temperature. Choose the nylon, silk, wool, cotton or linen setting. The ESP-2s indicator light will be illuminated when it reaches the correct temperature. The press will remain at a consistent temperature, protecting your fabrics.

Electronic Alarm
The alarm sounds every 10 seconds if the handle is left down. The alarm will remind you to lift the handle to ensure that fabrics are not exposed to the heating plate for too long.

Plenty of Space at the Back of the Pressing Board
There is ample room behind the pressing board for holding table cloths, bed linens, draperies, and other large items as they are being pressed.

Safety Shut-Off
If the handle is left up for 15 minutes, the power to the heating unit is stopped. The safety shut-off also works if the handle is left down for 10 seconds. Automatic Safety Shut-Off offers you peace.

Lock the handle and the ESP2 conveniently stores in a vertical position. Weighing only 22 pounds, the press can be transported easily.

The ESP-2 has a limited 1-year warranty. Your Ironing Press is guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and material for one year from the date of purchase.

Included Accessories
Measuring cup, spray bottle, pressing cloth, instruction book

Wattage: 1540 W
Price: $249.00
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