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Lickity Grip
Lickity Grip

Lickity Grip

Manufacturer Part Number: LICKITYGRIP


What is LickityGrip?

LickityGRIP is a grip enhancer developed specifically for the sewing/craft world for our specific needs.  It licks your fingers so you dont have to!   LickityGRIP attracts moisture to give you a better grip for better control. 

Better control brings:

  • Added accuracy
  • Added speed
  • Added safety
  • Reduce hand fatigue

With extensive field testing and considerable input from quilters and beaders, LickityGRIP was produced by a quilter/beader for our sewing and crafting needs:

  • NO odor!
  • Acid free!
  • Hypoallergenic!
  • Non-staining!
  • NO greasy, gummy or sticky residue on our fingers!
  • NO perfumes, NO dyes, NO silicone, NO wax, NO rubber, NO lanolin, NO animal by-products, NO salicylates.  All ingredients are food grade!
  • Container with attached lid - no hunting for a missing cap!
  • Non-skid bottom for one handed application!
  • Container sized to swirl fingertips, fit by sewing machine or tuck in travel kit!
  • Reusable zip lock storage bag - no wasteful, frustrating clamshell packaging!
  • Economical - 1 oz container retails under $5!

How do I use LickityGrip?

Press and swirl fingertips several times in a circular motion across LickityGRIP.  Rub with thumb until dry.  Once LickityGRIP is dry it will not stain your fabrics, papers or other crafting materials.  Reapply as necessary.

If you are machine quilting or using the palms of your hands in addition to your fingertips, swirl your fingers across the LickityGRIP and then rub your fingertips on your hands until dry spreading Lickity GRIP evenly to all surfaces desired. Reapply as necessary.

Why do I need LickityGrip?

While LickityGRIP was initially developed for quilt piecing, it has almost universal applications.

If you grasp, grip, shuffle, hold, pick up, position or place...

...fabric, filaments, beads, threads, wires, needles, glass, paper, plastic, trims, sequins, or jewels

...and want a product so pure its edible LickityGRIP will work for you!




Price: $7.40
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