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Repair, Parts, and Service

 With the increase of technology and the desire to have the latest and greatest features, life for our possessions can seem somewhat disposable. However, a quality vacuum or sewing machine can continue to serve you for many years with the proper sewing machine and vacuum services and repairs. The expert technicians at the Sew Shop can maintain the quality of your sewing machine or vacuum with genuine parts and superior service. In fact, it is not uncommon for our distant customers to mail their sewing machine and vacuum cleaners to one of our locations for service.

It's the Sew Shop for Sewing Machine Repair and Service

That sewing machine has helped you through many sewing projects. And with the help of the Sew Shop, your faithful sewing machine will continue to assist with all of your future sewing creations. Whether you require service to maintain the functionality of your sewing machine or it no longer stitches properly, trust the Sew Shop to restore your sewing machine to like new condition.

The Sew Shop's Sewing Machine Parts

 With sewing machines dating back to the 1800s and many manufacturers keeping limited sewing machine parts on-hand, it may not always be easy to locate the part you need. Not only does the Sew Shop often keep many sewing machine parts on-hand, we are often the point of reference for many obscure sewing machine parts.

For Singer sewing machine owners, you can trust the Sew Shop to preserve the value of your Singer sewing machine. The Sew Shop is one of only six factory-authorized Singer sewing machine warranty stations in the nation.

Having first been manufactured in 1851, Singer sewing machines have played a major role in creation of many sewing garments. Determine the age of your Singer sewing machine with our helpful Date Your Singer Sewing Machine chart.

 It's the Sew Shop for Vacuum Cleaner Repair and Service

It takes an effective vacuum cleaner to maintain the healthy condition of your home or office. Over time the suction may not draw the dirt from your floors like it use to or maybe a belt has snapped. Whatever challenges an aging vacuum may encounter, the Sew Shop can diagnose the problem and provide vacuum repairs and service to return your vacuum to peak working condition.

To maintain indoor air quality, the latest vacuums require various vacuum filters. The replacement of these vacuum filters is necessary to prevent the over-exertion of your vacuum cleaner.

The Sew Shop offers the following vacuum replacement products:

  • Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Belts,
  • Vacuum Cleaner Bags,
  • Vacuum Cleaner Filters,
  • Vacuum Cleaner Roller Brushes
  • Carpet Shampoo and Spot Removers and more.

There's no need to give up on your sewing machine or vacuum if it no longer works properly. You may be able to prevent sudden system failure with periodic sewing machine and vacuum service from the Sew Shop. Come in to one of our local sewing centers or call the Sew Shop at 888-873-9822. For our online customers, feel welcome to call us or Email us with any sewing machine and vacuum repair or parts questions you may have.
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