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Custom Quilting
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Custom Quilting


Basting for Hand Quilters Starting at $0.005/Sq. inch (1/2 cent) Parallel - Horizontal (and/or) vertical lines across the quilt (can be 3-6 inches apart) (can be done at 8 - 12 stitches per inch) Hand Quilters typically prefer larger stitches.
Edge to Edge Quilting Starting at $0.015/sq. inch (1 1/2 cent) to $0.025/sq. inch (2 1/2 cents) Starting price is for a single design done edge to edge, simple freehand meandering edge to edge or a pantograph pattern. Extra charge for smaller more detailed patterns (Minimum Charge is $50.00)
Semi-Custom Quilting Starting at $0.025/sq. inch (2 1/2 cents) to $0.035/sq. inch (3 1/2 cents) Edge to Edge Pantograph or freehand design done within the body of the quilt with a separate border design.
Custom Quilting Starting at $0.035/sq. inch (3 1/2 cents) to $0.05/Sq. inch (5 cents) Prices can vary depending on the density and complexity of the quilting (Minimum Charge is $60.00)


Machine Attached $0.15/Linear inch (15 cents) We sew the binding (provided by you) to the front of the quilt and you hand finish the binding.
Hand Binding $0.25/Linear inch (25 cents) We sew the binding (provided by you) to the front of the quilt and we also hand finish the binding for you.
Curved/Rounded Edges $20.00 Extra Fee Extra time is required to perform this service.


Hobbs PolyDown $0.15/Linear inch (15 cents) PolyDown 108" wide batting
Hobbs 80/20 (Cotton/Poly) $0.20/Linear inch (20 cents) 80/20 (Cotton/Poly) 120" wide batting
Hobbs 80/20 (Cotton/Poly) $0.20/Linear inch (20 cents) 80/20 (Cotton/Poly) 120" wide batting

Gammill Authorized DealerEdge to Edge Quilting

Typically a single design using a single thread color repeated over the total surface of the quilt from edge to edge. This can be a basic pantograph pattern, a large meandering as well as free motion quilting done over the total surface of the quilt regardless of the pattern on the quilt itself. This is most often done on quilts that are made to be used and enjoyed on a daily basis. It is also best for quilts that will be laundered frequently.

Semi-Custom Quilting

 Another way to enhance your quilt with edge to edge quilting and a little touch of Custom Quilting to help certain areas of your quilt really stand out. We typically will do the edge to edge design throughout the quilt body and use an accenting design in the borders to really give it that extra special touch.

Custom Quilting

This is a more detailed quilting typically utilizing several thread colors or even varigated threads which can include cross hatching, "stitch in the ditch" as well as the use of several different designs or patterns on individual blocks. This is definately the most commonly used quilting style as it allows us to help turn your creation into a masterpiece to be cherished for years to come. We can accent and highlight your piecing, applique or embroidery works with some beautiful quilt designs to really make it stand out and give it that really finished look.

Quick Guide to Calculating Quilting Prices (Does not include thread, batting or other incidental charges)

Quilt Size Quilt Dimensions Total Square Inches (L x W) 1 1/2 cents x sq. inches 2 cents x sq. inches 2 1/2 cents x sq. inches 3 cents x sq. inches 4 cents x sq. inches
Crib 40 x 60 2400 $36.00 $48.00 $60.00 $72.00 $96.00
Youth 60 x 72 4320 $64.80 $86.40 $108.00 $129.60 $172.80
Twin 72 x 90 6480 $97.20 $129.60 $162.00 $194.40 $259.20
Double 80 x 90 7200 $108.00 $144.00 $180.00 $216.00 $288.00
Queen 90 x 100 9000 $135.00 $180.00 $225.00 $270.00 $360.00
King 96 x 108 10368 $155.52 $207.36 $259.20 $311.04 $414.72
CalKing 120 x 120 14400 $216.00 $288.00 $360.00 $432.00 $576.00

A Deposit of 50% is required in order for us to begin the quilting process. We will notify you when it is complete and ready to be returned back to you. (We will ship back upon receiving final payment)

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